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About Us

How I work

It might be challenging to think that talking therapy could be effective. My personal and professional experience has demonstrated that when people are given a safe, compassionate environment in which to freely express their worries, they can find a great deal of solace and healing therein. The first step toward making your experiences more manageable is frequently talking through them. This kind of real and in-depth conversation with a true listener can give you special insights that advance your self-awareness and comprehension of yourself.

To determine whether we would be a good fit to work together, many people find it helpful to have an initial conversation, either in person or over the phone. If we decide to move forward, I can help you explore any potential concerns you may have in a way that is comfortable for you. I’ll pay close attention while recognizing that there are no simple solutions. Leaning into your emotions, understanding your values, discovering meaning, and identifying patterns that may no longer serve you will help us explore possible solutions together.


  • Masters integrative counselling
  • PG Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Bachelors in counselling and psychology
  • Neuro linguistic programming certification
  • Rewind technique certification
  • Couples counselling certification
  • Children and adolescents counselling certification
How I work

The First Step

Get in touch via telephone or email and I will aim to respond within 48 hours. I will arrange an initial free 15 minute consultation with you to discuss your needs.

How long will it take?

Each session is 50 mins whether we work face to face online or via telephone. In our first session we will explore what has brought you to counselling, we will put a working agreement in place to ensure we can agree what you would like to gain from our time together.

I suggest a minimum of six sessions, however clients tend to find somewhere between 8 and 12 sessions helpful, whereas others find just after a couple of sessions they feel clearer, and others want to come for a lot longer.

How long will it take?

Find out more and arrange a no obligation initial 15 minute consultation.